The London Collectable Club is a private collectors club based in Greater London. We aim to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our clients, investors and collectors to create a community beyond the traditional art gallery approach. We always strive to deliver a first-class service to our clients and uphold our high standards of professionalism when conducting our business both online and in person.

We obtain highly sought-after artworks at competitive prices from our network of suppliers, dealers and galleries. Our advisory team all have extensive knowledge of the art market and other alternative markets and strive to deliver this information into profitable results for our clients. The London Collectable Club will offer access to investment-grade art in the post-war contemporary sector and narrow our focus to artists who’ve been collected by and displayed at major galleries like The Tate and The British Museum.

In addition, our team will offer a complete range of premium gallery services including framing, hanging, delivery, storage and more – allowing our clients to enjoy their investments at home. 

Reasons To Invest In Art:

01: Art Investments Are Fully Asset Backed:

When you invest in art you become the owner of a tangible asset which will retain a residual value unlike any other assets such as stocks and shares. You are also able to enjoy your investment by hanging it in your home or office.

Yes investments are about growing your wealth with minimum risk – but art is one of the only assets you can enjoy as a cultural asset while it goes up in value.

02: Portfolio Diversification:

The global art market is impressive because of its independence from the worlds major stock markets. It is an excellent way to diversify an investors portfolio in times of economic uncertainty. In the graph on the following page, prestigious auction house Sotheby’s have compiled data depicting how the overall value of art has steadily grown for the last 70 years.

03: Art Provides A Hedge Against Inflation:

Another excellent way to navigate economic uncertainties as an investor and avoid losses is to invest in art as opposed to other assets.

04: Art As A Growing Investment:

Investing in art has a historically high success rate. As seen in the graph on the following page, the index value of art assets is projecting higher than any other investment asset (even after the global economic turmoil of 2008/09) including, but not limited to, Real Estate.