Tom Fry is a self-taught, London-born and based multi-disciplinary artist and poet exploring various human conditions through visual figurative expression, using multiple painting mediums which include both digital and physical art as well as written expression.

Tom has been drawing and writing since a young age and then started painting in 2017. In the beginning, making art was a spontaneous, cathartic process in response to depression, which in turn developed into a professional artistic practice and advocacy for mental health awareness.

Tom draws most of his source material from everyday life and his own experiences, be them societal or personal relationships with the human condition, providing a refreshingly colourful dialogue about male stigma and mental health that attempts to alleviate some difficult talking points with his audience.

Since 2021, Tom has also experimented with digital painting, and was subsequently featured multiple times by some of the world’s leading NFT marketplaces.

Tom also writes poetry and is attempting to write longer autobiographical stories about his experiences of depression, overcoming struggles with anxiety, addiction, grief, sexuality, and homelessness to help bring these taboo and underrepresented topics into the mainstream for educational awareness.

“I turn traumas into beautiful things, it allows us to have those important and difficult conversations about the stigmas we don’t want to talk about.” easier.” – T.Fry

Tom Fry