London Collectable Club will only charge a commission of 15% of the net profit on the artwork that has been bought and sold through us.

Investment-grade art can be purchased from £5,000.

There is no minimum holding period. We will always recommend that you hold on to all works of art for 3-5 years, however, you will own the art outright and can choose to sell it at any time.

Some of the main benefits of investing into art are:

Over £500 million spent on art during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investment-grade art can be purchased for as little as £5,000.

Contemporary art has offered an annual return of 14% over the last 25 years (Source CNBC).

Art has surpassed the performance of the FTSE 100 by 402% between 2000 & 2020.

Art can function as a risk-reducing element in a portfolio because of its low correlation to equities or bonds.(Source: Barclays).

A hedge against inflation

Art isn’t classed as a liquid investment. Like any asset, the value of art can go up or down. The risk is that you may struggle to sell the piece you invest in for a profit.

We can arrange for your art to be placed on an online art platform such as Artsy or Artnet.

We can arrange a sale to a private collector from our existing database.

We can have the artwork placed in one of several galleries that we work closely with.

We can assist with placing the art with one of the major auction houses.

We always recommend you buy something you can enjoy at home, but we understand that sometimes you may not have the space. We offer a secure storage option where your artwork will be stored and insured at no extra cost.

We can not guarantee a return on investment.