Terms and Conditions 


For the purposes of this document any agreement between the parties London Collectable Club will be referred to as London Collectable Club, “The Company”, “We”or “Our”, and the customer will be referred to as “The Client”, “You” or “Your”.

Our Terms of Business cover the purchase of goods or service, portfolio fees, delivery, storage, insurance, portfolio disposal and sale commissions that will be charged to the client as part of our service. 

The client accepts these terms of business in full upon signing and returning the Purchase Invoice or making payment for the sale of goods or services to the London Collectable Club and will form a legally binding contract between the two parties in doing so. 

London collectable Club reserves the right to decline any order or instruction and will only be bound by these terms of business once the order or instruction is formally accepted in the form of a receipt letter acknowledging receipt of cleared funds by The Company. 

Business Services

London Collectable Club act as an Art Gallery, Brokers and Agents on behalf of clients, we specialise in the sourcing, buying and selling of Modern British and Post War Art, Fine Wine, Gold & Silver Sovereigns and all collectable items which we class as rare and valuable for investors and collectors. 

We assist clients in the acquisition and disposal of unique fine Art, Fine Wines, Gold and Silver Sovereigns and rare collectable items through a network of Art galleries, traders and private collectors.

Each service is charged individually unless part of a fully inclusive package and clearly stated on each purchase invoice. 


Orders may be placed by telephone, email or via our website. Upon such instruction, we will issue a purchase invoice confirming the instruction, description of the goods and purchase price, together with any specific agreement pertaining to this instruction before making any instruction/transaction binding on behalf of the Company or The Client. 

Your order is an offer to buy from us. Any order placed will not form part of a contract until you return a signed Purchase Invoice or payment has been received by London Collectable club. The client retains the right to cancel any such order within 7 days of invoice being issued. (Please refer to the paragraph headed “cancellation”)

There will be no contract between the London Collectable Club and the client until we accept your order. London Collectable Club may decline to supply the goods or services to you without giving a reason and a contract will only be formed between the Client and the Company once the aforementioned paperwork has been completed.

There will be no communication in respect of art or goods to be dispatched to you at any point up until the order has been accepted by London Collectable Club and verified by post, email or fax in the form of a signed Purchase Invoice together with a letter of receipt for payment. All goods sold are subject to availability. 

Minimum orders and entry levels 

We have a minimum order of £1,000 per order, ex VAT and duty delivery for supply only. We operate a minimum entry level of £1,000 for Portfolio Accounts.

Private Clients 

Deliveries over £1,000 will be delivered free of charge within mainland UK. Those outside mainland UK will be charged at cost. 

Description and Price

A full description of goods and prices payable for goods or services you order are clearly set out on an individual Purchase Invoice which will be emailed, faxed or mailed as a hardcopy for your examination and confirmation before actual purchase (please examine these details carefully and ensure all details are correct before signing and returning documents). 

If in error we under-price an item or service, we will be obliged to provide that item to you at the stated price provided that we notify you within 3 business days of our acceptance of your order. 

We may cancel your order provided we refund any payments you have made in full. Alternatively, you may agree to the corrected price in which case we will proceed with your order.

Our pricing structure is based on our own stock and stock that may be available to London Collectable Club through a network of industry suppliers at any given point in time.

Our prices are therefore established in house and we do not accept any liability for market trends of price fluctuations that may occur between perceived value, open market or auction sale prices.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time subject to availability and market conditions. Please contact our sales office directly for all current prices. Please note that prices issued verbally via telephone, faxed or emailed supersede any previously listed or website prices.

Ownership Rights 

All goods shall remain the property of London Collectable Club until all monies are paid in full. London Collectable Club reserves the right to withhold delivery of any goods should payment not be made.

Third party Beneficiaries

London Collectable Club client accounts are the sole responsibility of the named client on the account. Irrespective of whether goods have been bought for a third party. Or ownership is actually or beneficially transferred to a third party (whether related to you or not) and whether or not we have been informed of this, you, and only you, shall be our client in respect of your portfolio and account. 

As the client, you shall be solely responsible for all payments and for providing all instructions in relation to your account. Instructions will not be accepted from any other party regardless of their connection or relationship to you. 

You hereby agree to indemnify London Collectable Club against all and any liability, losses, expenses and costs arising from any claim of whatever nature made by such third parties, instructions or otherwise. 


All payments are due on or before the date stated on the Purchase Invoice, or if an alternative payment date has been agreed between the Client and the Company. 

Payments can be made by cheque or bank transfer. Until all sums due to “London Collectable Club” have been paid we shall be entitled to retain possession of any goods to which you would be otherwise entitled. If any payment is overdue we shall be entitled to suspend deliveries/collections. 


If any payment is overdue for 14 days or the goods have not been collected within three months of being made available, or there is an earlier indication from you that payment will not be made or the goods will not be collected, we shall be entitled to send written notice to the invoice/email address of our intention to sell or otherwise dispose of the goods and seven days thereafter we shall be at liberty to do so unless payment in full is received or the goods are collected before the close of business on the seventh day.

All foreign currency payments will be subject to the exchange rate set by the companies bankers on the day of exchange through our bank.